The ACES study will explore the possibility that the electromagnetic waves surrounding us every day affect our psychic abilities. The study is based on earlier work by Charles Tart, Ph.D., a professor at the University of California – Davis. See his interview below to learn more about his study and this one too. We’ve been fortunate to have him consult with us on the ACES study.

If you’d like to take part in this study, please register to attend one of our Meetup events in the San Francisco Bay Area by clicking on the link below, or send an email to

ACES Study Meetup Page

The ACES study will measure the possible influence of electromagnetic (EM) shielding on psychic (psi) performance, with the hope of identifying a consistent method for increasing psi effect size and reliability. It is a two-phase study. Phase One includes a rigorous screening process to identify participants with demonstrated psi abilities. Phase Two uses a randomized experimental design to measure differences in psi performance in several kinds of electromagnetic field conditions. The reason we’re looking for people who are probably psychic to one degree or another is because that will make it easier to determine if there is a performance difference in the experimental conditions. It’s entirely possible the results of this study will influence the methods used in future research into psychic phenomena, and could even result in simple tools everyone can use to make their own psychic perceptions more accurate and more consistent.

It is called the ACES study at least partly because the measures of psychic ability will be a series of card-matching exercises. These exercises will take place first on this website, next by phone, and then finally in person at several locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. The card-matching exercises will last anywhere from a few minutes to just over an hour, depending on where they take place. This exercises allow multiple possible channels for receiving psi information, including telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. This will be a triple-blind study, with researchers, participants, and the statistician blind to study conditions.

If this study replicates the effects reported by two previous studies, then it will have identified a consistent method for increasing psychic accuracy and reliability. Whatever the results, the ACES study will add to our understanding of how psi operates, and will specifically increase our understanding of some of the physical factors related to psi performance.

Interview with Dr. Charles Tart about the ACES Study

The full, 32-minute interview with Dr. Tart is available on YouTube here.